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What have you done in this course?

In this course i have done in depth research on a topic called overclocking. Before this class i had never even heard of this term, but now im very familair with this word and know how to do it. Also in this class i have listened to other people tell about the the other component of the computer and now know all about them. Also i have successfully learned how to use Ubuntu and not want to smash my computer on the ground when im using it anymore.


What was the biggest challenge for you this semester/year?

I had two biggest problem this year. The first was getting the computer to work porperly when you first gave it to us becuase we had to figure out all the error messages it was giving us and fix them so it would work. The other big problem i had was adjusting to Ubuntu from windows. Before this i had never used linux and wasnt planning on it. now i know alot more about it and think there are some cool things you can do with it and some things that i think could be changed.


What have you learned that could be useful outside of school?

I have learned how to basically strip the entire case down to its case and then put everything back into it and have it work properly. I have also learned how fix many of the common problems of a computer through the BIOS.


Of the things you have done in this course, what would you like to do more of?

I would have done more of the building part of the coarse and less of the repairing part. I feel like i learned most of my building becuase we had so many problems with our computer. I wished we had like gotten an empty shell and the parts we needed and we had to build it.

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